We are Patrik and Henrika, origianally from Sweden and Finland. We love nature and adventure. For many years we travelled the world biking and skiing looking for the perfect place to settle. In 2011 we were told by a friend that there was a BIG house in Lyngen for sale. We decided to try it out and became full owners in 2014. MML has become a success and has been booked out every skiseason. Last years more and more people also visit for northern lights, hiking and mountainbiking. We also have two children, Felix and Majken. Though adventure is our thing everyone looking for accomodation is just as welcome.

About the lodge: The lodge has 15 rooms everyone facing the fjord. There is common areas for drying clothes, watching TV, yoga and for either cooking your own meals or joining our dinners. Parking is never a problem. In the skiseason there is afterski every day from 15.00.

Finding the way: The lodge is reachable from Tromsø in about 1,5 h by bus (tromskortet.no) or rentalcar if you take the ferry (bjorklid.no). If by any reason you go southern route via Nordkjosbotn it takes about 2 h 15 min. Our adress is Stigenveien 24, 9060 Lyngseidet and can be found on google maps. And here you can see passing Lyngseidet is actually a shortcut if your journey continues north!

The location – A Mecca for day-tours: In Lyngseidet you find most necessities like supermarket, postoffice, sportshop with rentals, and activities. Now there is also a brand new climbing wall! The nature is majestic but also quite protected from the winds. Lyngen actually means that the fjord is calm. Staying at MML you can ski or hike the best peaks in Lyngen every day, from Tamok in the south to Kågen island in the north, spending a minimum of time for transport. Still our very favourite being Store Kjostind which is basically our backyard whith loads of different routes. Or Fastdalstind, Rørnestind, Tafeltind etc.. On the peninsula only is 124 peaks over 1000 m but most are quite challangeing…